Individual Therapy

Online and in-person counseling for women living in Birmingham,

Mountain Brook and throughout Alabama

as well as Miami, Orlando and throughout Florida

I help woman suffering from anxiety learn skills and gain tools to live a peaceful and confident life again, free from unhelpful thoughts and behaviors.

Anxiety Stress Overwhelm Unhappy

Does any of this sound like you?

You feel overwhelmed, anxious, and irritable more often than not. You sometimes feel paralyzed by indecision, worried you will make the wrong choices. You may find it hard to fall asleep at night as your mind races with anxious thoughts such as:

  • Concerns about upcoming events, life changes, or uncertainties about what the future holds
  • Anxiety related to job performance, deadlines, career decisions, or exams
  • Regrets of past mistakes or missed opportunities
  • Overwhelm from daily tasks, parenting challenges, or balancing multiple responsibilities

Or you might feel you need to be perfect, not to be rejected by those around you. Sometimes, you might even feel your family would be better off with a different partner and parent.

You spend a lot of time thinking deeply about what is wrong, but can’t pinpoint it. You recognize you need help. You just want to be content, but at times it feels impossible.

Regaining Control Over Your Thoughts and Feelings

Imagine a future where you have the skills and tools to manage these feelings, regain control over your thoughts, and find peace and calmness in situations that once overwhelmed you. A future where you wake up refreshed and look forward to the day's challenges.

Scientifically Proven Techniques To Ease Anxiety

Hello there, I'm Jenifer Brougham, co-founder of ReasonThink, LLC. I am a wife, mom, therapist, entrepreneur, and parent coach, specializing in the empirically supported techniques of CBT, CPT, and Parent Training. Additionally, I am a proud owner of, ReasonThink LLC.

Through therapy with me, you'll have support and a safe place to learn skills, gain tools, and discover insights that will provide quick relief. Next, we’ll work together to find the root of what’s causing your anxiety so you can get back to feeling happy, centered, and confident again.

My approach is compassionate, non-judgmental, humorous, focused, and research-informed. Whether you need help healing or support making changes, you're not alone. We will work together, and I will tailor our work to meet your unique needs and preferences.

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Study after study has shown that the connection between client and therapist is the most powerful predictor of positive therapeutic outcomes. Therefore, I insist that we speak before scheduling your first session to help determine if we are a good fit for one another. During the consultation call, we'll chat about you and what's bringing you to therapy. Then, I'll let you know if I have the right skill set to help with your struggles. Next, I'll share with you how I would approach improving your well-being, and you'll be able to ask me anything. By the end of our consultation, we'll have a pretty good sense if we'll work well together. I promise that if I know that someone else will do a better job, I will do my best to help you get connected with the right person.