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Adult Individual


Does any of this sound familiar? You feel overwhelmed, anxious, and irritable more often than not. You sometimes feel paralyzed by indecision and worried you will make the wrong choices. You may find it hard to fall asleep at night as your mind races with anxious thoughts.

I help women suffering from anxiety learn skills and gain tools to live a peaceful and confident life again, free from unhelpful thoughts and behaviors. 

Online counseling is available for women in Birmingham, Mountain Brook, and throughout Alabama, as well as Miami, Orlando, and throughout Florida. 

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Parent Coaching

Do you find parenting more stressful than joyful? Do you sometimes feel like you're failing as a parent? Are you tired of reacting to endless battles and power struggles?

Not only is reactive punitive parenting exhausting and unenjoyable, but the more traditional methods of threatening and punishment create an external locus of control and lead children to need outside input to make good decisions, leading to an exacerbated, joyless parenting experience.

Imagine the relief you'll feel when you can reverse those negative patterns, eliminate power struggles, and calmly transform challenges into learning opportunities. Our approach not only instills essential life skills and characteristics in your children but also helps them grow into thriving adults and transforms your relationship with them into a positive and fulfilling one.

*Parent Coaching does not include therapy. We run our parent coaching through a separate entity. This service is not therapy and is not covered by insurance. 

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During our consultation, I'll take the time to understand the challenges you're facing and share my approach with you. If I believe another therapist or parenting program might be a better match for your needs, I'll guide you on how to find the most suitable fit. My goal is to ensure you receive the best support possible.